Themes and Sub Themes

We are cordially inviting you to submit your paper discussing the following themes

ICLHR 2021 Flyer Sub Theme

Law, Human Rights and Development

invited the papers with the subtheme:
  • a. Law, investment, public health;
  • b. Law and production in developing countries;
  • c. Intellectual property in digital economy advancement;
  • d. Economic development and inclusive legal system.


Law, Structure, Health Ecosystem

invited the papers with the subtheme:
  • a. Health policy and the role of healthcare and public health professionals;
  • b. Definition of 'highest attainable standard of health' from the perspective of Human Rights;
  • c. International law and domestic outbreak control measure;
  • d. Intellectual property and public health emergency.

Justice and Legal Empowerment

invited the papers with the subtheme:
  • a. Access to justice and public legal knowledge;
  • b. Mobility, lockdown, and spatial justice;
  • c. Legal empowerment and marginalized group;
  • d. Law and justice: the public service perspective.

Law, Culture, and Identity

invited the papers with the subtheme:
  • a. The law in an emergency situation;
  • b. Sanctions, punishments, and community disciplines;
  • c. Statistics, law, and collective identity formation;
  • d. Law, civic space, human rights, and marginality.