"Restructuring Law and Human Rights in New-Normal Society"



COVID-19 Pandemic outbreak in 2020 demanding various changes and adjustments in every aspects of life. In the middle of this “new normal” phenomenon, law as a system of values carrying a transformative character; that not only upholding the society, but also forcing the society to adapt and change (Colombo 2020; Schubert 2020).

This continuous, constant, and reciprocal transformation demand the government to act dynamically as well. This it what being called as dynamic governance, defined as the ability of the government to adjust every policies and decisions continuously and constantly, including to transform the policy-making process and the implementation of policies. Therefore in 2021, Badan Penelitian dan Pengembangan Hukum dan HAM a think-tank on law and human rights policymaking process for the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Republic of Indonesia, calls up and invites scholars, practitioners, and policymakers at all stages and across disciplinary boundaries to contribute to the International Forum on Law and Human Rights with theme: “Restructuring the Law in New Normal Era” in May 2021. Innovative and experimental ideas are strongly encouraged to be submitted. Given the current situation which limits the usual on person gathering, the meeting would be held entirely virtual. 



Conference Information

Abstract Submission Guideline

  • The abstract should be submitted until March 31st 2021 at 23:59 via this link form tinyurl.com/registerconference2021  (click register as Presenter)
  • The acceptable word range for the abstract is 150-250 words.
  • Please download the ABSTRACT_TEMPLATE and follow the format carefully.
  • Any abstracts that do not meet these formatting requirements and/or submitted beyond the deadline date will not be taken into account.
  • Your submission should be in English.
  • All submitted abstracts received by the committee until the above deadline date will be carefully peer-reviewed. 
  • We encourage you to send an informative abstract which is a summary of a paper’s substance including its background, purpose, methodology, results, and conclusion.
  • Submitted abstract should be original and must not have been previously presented, scheduled for presentation, published, or accepted for publication.
  • Participants are allowed to submit a maximum of one (1) abstract as primary author and no restriction regarding participation as a co-author.
  • Please send in a brief biography together with the Abstract.
  • After successful submission, receipt acknowledging the abstract will be sent via an email within three working days.
This conference is open for anyone with any background studies. If you are a researcher, scholar, consultant, government officer, or an enthusiastic individual in the following themes it’s time for you to prepare yourself for the conference. There is no registration fee or submission fee. Registered participants (both presenter and nonpresenter) are eligible for e-sertificates. If you are interested to join as a presenter or participant, please register yourself in the link below before April 30th 2021 balitbangham.go.id/conference

Presenter Participant Registration

- Abstract deadline (March 31st 2021)

- Acceptance notification (April 12st 2021)

- Paper Submission deadline (April 30th 2021)

- Virtual Conference (May, 3 - 6th ) (*Registered participants (both presenter andnon- presenter) are eligible forcertificate)

Non-Presenter Participations Registration

- Registration (February, 15th - April, 30th)

We are cordially inviting you to submit your paper discussing the following themes;

‘Law, Human Rights and Development’ invited the papers with the subtheme:

 a. Law, investment, public health;

 b. Law and production in developing countries;

 c. Intellectual property in digital economy development;

 d. Economic development and inclusive legal system.


- ‘Law, Structure, Health Ecosystem’ invited with the papers subtheme:

 a. Health policy and the role of helathcare and public health professionals;

 b. Definition of 'highest attainable standard of health' from the perspective of Human Rights;

 c. International law and domestic outbreak control measure;

 d. Intellectual property and public health emergency.


- ‘Justice and Legal Empowerment’ invited the papers with the subtheme:

 a. Access to justice and public legal knowledge;

 b. Mobility, lockdown, and personal space;

 c. Legal empowerment and marginalized group;

 d. Law and justice: the public service perspective.


- ‘Law, Culture, and Identity’ invited the papers with the subtheme:

 a. The law in emergency situation;

 b. Sanction, punishment and community disciplines;

 c. Statistic, law, and collective Identity formation;

 d. Law, civil space, human rights, and marginality


Prof. Dr. Yasonna H. Laoly
Minister of Law and Human Rights, Republic of Indonesia
to be confirmad


Prof. Dr. Mahfud MD
Minister of Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal, and Security, Republic of Indonesia